Light hardwood floors and laminate in the interior

White hardwood flooors

It is believed that the most expensive looks dark wooden floor. The warm reddish hues of wood create a cozy atmosphere. Parquet and laminate floorboard in colors chosen most often. And here is a very light or bleached parquet used by designers are not so often — at least by looking at photos of interior design is quite rare to see a white wooden floor. What’s the matter? Maybe a very light or even white wood floors — it is not practical? Is there a catch? Let’s see what are the advantages of light wood or simulated wood floors and what are their shortcomings.White hardwood floors

Very light, almost white flooring

Light colors are usually characteristic of trees growing in Europe. Although there are exceptions: for example, is very light shades apart and bamboo flooring, bamboo grows even in the tropics, and is not a tree. Light wood, of course, is not white. For white light wood flooring «vybelivayut.»


The bright, almost white floor covering can be obtained from maple. The color of its wood — white, but with a yellowish or reddish hues. Floors made of maple with a yellowish tint looks very bright, but not so much white, and pale cream. However, over time, this tree has the ability to darken slightly — up to a light beige.

Also, parquet or wood block flooring maple have the effect of «chameleon» — the floors slightly change color depending on light and the surrounding area.White hardwood floors


A very popular light oak hardwood floors. Oak generally like the producers of wooden flooring for excellent performance. Oak frequently subjected to bleaching (bleached oak).

Bleached oak parquet different shades — from cold gray to white-hot cream. You can always find whitewashed oak parquet to your taste.

By the way, bleached oak are often simulated in the laminate.

Bleached oak flooring from Tarkett


For the production of lighter and ash parquet use with yellowish-white sapwood. Wood ash is very robust and reliable, will not crack or warp.

Hornbeam, which makes light of the parquet, difficult to process, so these floors are a little less common. But the wood floors are very resistant to abrasion, but can warp and crack if the processing and manufacture of floor coverings have been made inadvertently.


Therefore, parquet and parquet board of hornbeam have to buy only from well-reputed manufacturer. Dies for the parquet of the hornbeam may be sand, pearl-white, dirty white. Hornbeam wood color — gray and white.


And, of course, a very light color characteristic of the parquet flooring of our native birch. The color of its wood — white with yellow or slightly reddish hues. Birch is well handled. With the right approach to the manufacture of floor covering is made of birch and the quality is very long.

Often tinted birch, as it lends itself perfectly simulate a valuable species. However, white birch stands on its own for fans of light floors. Sometimes birch optional tinted, making it even lighter.White hardwood floors

Light, almost white laminate, as a rule, these mimics wood. As you know, in the manufacture of laminate used plain paper with a picture of wood or other material. Therefore, the choice of laminate colors is wider than the color range of floor coverings made from natural wood — flooring, wood flooring and decking boards. This means that the choice of white laminate flooring is no problem.

However, light or even white (bleached) natural parquet in Moscow will not be difficult to find. Moreover, the market has parquet flooring, not only domestic production, but also on the world’s leading manufacturers of wooden flooring. In other cities range is usually not so wide, but a light parquet floor (as well as flooring) from birch and bleached oak there, probably, any more or less large shop floor coverings made of wood.

White in interior floors: parquet flooring, laminated flooring. What are their advantages?

Light and bleached parquet or laminate flooring is not suitable for any interior. Much depends on the style of the room. For example, in the classic interiors, as well as in the interiors of the Baroque, Rococo, Antique, etc. harmonious look dark precious wood floors or simulate it. White floors are good for the interior country, ethnic, Contemporary (modern style), minimalism. The interiors in the style of «shabby chic» bleached floors look luxurious. However, choosing the color of the flooring, wood flooring or laminate flooring, it is necessary to consider not only the style but also the size and level of lighting.

Light Parquet — bright room! Dark floors reduce the level of ambient light: the darker the color of the parquet, laminate or boards — the more artificial light required. The light in the interior of the floor, on the contrary, makes the room bright. Thus, if the room is not too spacious or windows are located on the north side, and a large amount of artificial light in the interior do not plan to opt for very light or white laminate flooring, or justified from a practical point of view.White hardwood floors

Light floor — ease of room! This parameter is difficult to describe and record its criteria on paper, we are talking about the sensations that occur in humans, is present in the interior, or considering his photographs. However, we know that the ease of creating a large presence in the interior of the white and light shades of yellow (cream, cream, beige, etc.). White parquet or laminate, illuminated by bright light, just make this very easy and even airy interior.

Light floors — more space! The secret of this effect lies in the peculiarities of visual perception. But fact is fact: the room with light or white laminate flooring, and looks more spacious and big.

Light floors and walls — universal background. White or cream-colored flooring and light relative to the walls and doors — a perfect backdrop for furniture and accessories of any color, even very dark. For example, light flooring combines perfectly with furniture wenge color. It creates a nice contrast of the eye, making a spectacular interior.

On the shortcomings of white and very light wood floors in the interior, as well as on the compatibility of light-colored floors with furniture, doors, etc., see the article «Light floors in the interior». In it, we will continue to talk about the bright floors made of wood or imitation.

Hornbeam, which makes light of the parquet, difficult to process, so these floors are a little less common. But the wood floors are very resistant to abrasion, but can warp and crack if the processing and manufacture of floor coverings have been made inadvertently.