How to clean hardwood floor

Caring for flooring is simple. The main thing is to hold it properly and regularly. By following some simple rules of cleaning hardwood floor, and its operation will save the parquet flooring perfectly clean, smooth and beautiful. Let’s talk about  how to clean hardwood floors.

Cleaning hardwood floors  should be careful and accurate. To care for the flooring  you can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush, mop or damp cloth. Make sure that the cloth was not too wet! Excess moisture damages the hardwood floor, and the coating may swell.

For wet cleaning floor using special tools to clean flooring. Do not use the usual preparations for washing the floor. It have high acidity and can damage the varnish. Mild cleansers gently remove mud and do not destroy the surface.If your have a new hardwood floor, taking care of it should be especially careful. Wet cleaning flooring should be done only a week after varnishing. Putting furniture and move it can be no earlier than two weeks after varnishing.How to clean hardwood floor

When you clean hardwood flooring  consider the composition of the varnish. Coverage of the water-based varnish needs careful maintenance. Wooden floor, covered with oil, has open pores. By doing wet cleaning parquet need care. It is important  to avoid pouring water to hardwood floor. If a large amount of water fell to the floor while cleaning wipe it as soon as possible. Then let the the floor to dry.

Marks from dirty shoes, dog and cat paws remove with a damp cloth. For the care of flooring with strong contamination are sometimes recommended to use gasoline or alcohol. A small amount of material applied to a soft cloth, which the carefully remove traces of grease, ink, shoe polish, etc.

The mud and sand act as a float to the floor, scratching the lacquer finish. At the entrance to the room place a soft mat on the floor to do not appear scratches and abrasions. At the legs of furniture it is strongly recommended to glue pieces of soft felt, flannel or felt. If on your hardwood floor there is a carpet you need regularly knock out of it the dust and sand. They rubbed parquet and deprive it of light when accumulating under the carpet.How to clean hadwood floor

For polishing the parquet you will need to use a special paste to the water-soluble base. Mastic updates unvarnished parquet surface and gives it shine and smoothness. Rubbing flooring is better to give a professional. The layer of mastic should be uniform and evenly applied by special technology. As a rule, for rubbing parquet use a soft brush or a modern electric floor-polisher with rotating bristles.

Regular maintenance of artistic parquet prolongs its life. But over time on the floor may appear damaged, scratches and wear, while the restoration will need flooring.