Floor preparation for hardwood floor laying

 Do you want your hardwood flooring serve a long time? Hence, it is necessary to properly prepare the ground for laying.Flooring preparation

 Age-old problem — how to prepare the ground and put the coating to half a lifetime and do not creak. Hardwood floor made in present times have a very high quality characteristics, respectively, the requirements for these base are significantly higher than those that have been several years ago. Thus, the difference in the base should be at least 2 mm by 2 running meters. Otherwise monolith tree (no matter whether it is a water-resistant wooden board or parquet), laid on the ground with swings, begins to creak.

 There are several methods of qualitative alignment of hardwood floor.

 First — concrete preparation. Concrete preparation (no tie) consists of several stages. First manufactured concrete screed, which allows to level the main differences that can be 1 — 7 cm further in the course is a mixture of Self Leveling, such as bentonite. This is an expensive item concrete preparation that reduces the level of difference to the required standard. After the bentonite to the concrete attach plywood. This element is necessary because the wooden floor is a better adhesion to wood, plywood flooring to protect from moisture, which is very well covered by the concrete base and make the floor much warmer.

 If you try to delete any of these items, it will lead to unpredictable results, which can be observed in the municipal shelter, where the flooring is glued directly to the uneven screed with asphalt mastic. Usually it starts to fly off in a year. Also, before working better to apply a waterproofing not to pour downstairs neighbor when laying concrete screed. We have three elements: a screed, concrete, and plywood.Hardwood floorHardwood floor

 Second — adjustable floors (raised floors). This design can be in the form of controlled or regulated lag plywood. The design used for packing dry log, planed sticks with through screw holes. The holes are screwed plastic bolt racks, which are attached and wooden logs. Bolts — posts are adjusting member. Rotating them a special key, logs raise or lower and thus equalize the floor. Bolts themselves — rack with metal dowels — nails or screws firmly fixed on the ground. Because the logs are not in contact with the foundation, flooring ventilated. As a result, not only the parquet living longer, but also the inhabitants of the apartment more comfortable: the temperature under the floor does not differ from that of them. In addition, this design makes it easy to align the floor — just a little more than screw or unscrew bolts rack. Do not be alarmed, and possible emergency situations, if the water under the floor will be — it will not harm your wood floor as easily fade. Another advantage — the ability to change the height of the floor. It is about the catwalks — multi-level floors.

 If the apartment ceiling height is low you have to use the design for an adjustable plywood. This method eliminates the use of lag, and thus, lift height of the floor from the top of the base will be no more than 3 cm (thickness of the two layers of plywood — 12 mm). Instead lag used plastic sleeves with internal thread, which are inserted into pre zasverlennye holes in the plywood. Then be screwed into the sleeve plastic bolt — rack. Sheets of plywood mounted on the base and is rigidly fixed by metal dowel screws — nails. Alignment of plywood sheets is done by rotating the bolts special key. After alignment of the first layer of plywood laying a second layer vrazbezhku (to cover the joints of the first layer) and is fastened with screws over its entire surface.Laying hardwood floors

Using logs, the floor can be raised to any height up to 190 mm, which allows you to put electrical and piping, floor joists, which will save considerable resources.

 If you lie down parquet, parquet board, laminate or other material that requires a perfectly flat surface, a concrete layer is not enough. You must apply a self-leveling mix, and this is likely to be more expensive. And the price will be increased by many factors such as the rise or more irregularities.

 The main advantage is time. Before you begin to lay the floor, concrete floor will have to endure 28 days to complete extraction of moisture. When using adjustable lag or plywood no delay is required. 100 m2 for laying a new floor will take 3 to 5 days. And no wet processes, low dust and dirt. Benefits:

  • Significant savings in the case of manufacturing floor under the expensive coverage.

  • Significant time savings: 100 m2 floor can put up to 3 days.

  • High Attenuation.

  • A warm floor as opposed to concrete.

  • Ability to remove under the floor all communications, including the heating system.

  • Reliability of sex at least 50 years.

  • Ensuring the alignment slight raising of the floor from 25 mm, or large — 190 mm and up one set.

  • A significant decrease in the load on the floor covering.

  • Ability to withstand fairly heavy loads, from 3 to 5 tons per 1 m2.

  • Significant life extension finishing layer floor (parquet, laminate, parquet or solid wood, etc.).