Dark flooring in the interior

Using dark hardwood floors in the interior design of your apartment or country house allows you to receive modern interior and invite you to an exciting game with the texture and color of finishing materials and accessories.

If your apartment have dark hardwood floor  whether it be walnut or oak flooring or even wenge wood and also earthenware tiles, marble or shiny brown carpet in front of you will face the problem of selection of interior color palette. Dont worry, there are plenty of options.Dark flooring in the interior

There are not so much variantes. Pay attention to the combination of different colors with gray. Linen, chenille, cotton, synthetic suede all that stuff perfectly coexist. Equally unobtrusive gamma — coffee with cream. Also in the interior can be introduced, such as the combination of colors of burnt sugar and caramel, citrus and pistachios.

Shiny linen curtains of dark brown and gray-brown stripes combine well with dark brown floor and shiny linen curtains with dark brown and gray-brown stripes. These curtains are particularly relevant in the bedroom windows facing to the east: they will save the fragile morning sleep from overbearing sun. A little «cool» and brighten a room with dark hardwood floors can cold blue tones, for example, you can make  chairs and a few pillows with a light blue and white striped upholstery.

More appropriate in combination with dark floors are light-green tones: the grass and the earth is one of the most harmonious union of color in the world! The basis of the color scheme may become a pale yellow color, which is advantageous complement rich green, light green, lime.

Very elegant option is to do basic background aquamarine which go well with not only dark and all shades of black, but also pink, and purple colors. This interior is doomed you to customize the vigor and freshness of perception. By the way, this variant is ideal for design of bedrooms or sundeck where you spend the night in the summer.Dark flooring in the interior

If you are fan of warm colors we invite you to consider the color scheme of «Africa»: dark brown, plus vanilla, a little terracotta, wheat and white. These colors excels in natural materials: floor covering of corrugated sisal, linen curtains and the same upholstery, silk cushion covers for pillows, leather sculptures.

Dark hardwood floors is ideal for creating interiors in  hi-tech, art-deco, suprematism style. Just remember paintings of Malevich, Suetina, Rodchenko! Energetic red and orange, white, gray, black colours. They are all reproduced in a large geometric pattern, and will be invaluable for the design living rooms, studios, rooms for teenagers.

Of course,  it is important not to overdo with such bright shades. Therefore, if you, say, conceive to design room with red curtains, enough to support it with pillows on the sofa and maybe a chair or ottoman. Walls and wood surfaces with better paint in a neutral linen color. And if you want even more brightness, red curtains can be contrasted with honey or lilac sofa shelves.

Dark hardwood floor is the basis of the classic design, especially when it comes to combined with white colours. Chess interior is extremely fertile topic: floor can actually be black, ceiling — white, and shades — black and white, like a large memorable picture. As for the wall, it is all up to you. In particular, they can be either with horizontal black and white stripes, and can only let a thin ledge with exquisite drawings made like ink.Dark-Wood-Floors

General pattern and texture of the tissues in the case of the use of black equality more important than ever. Floral, stripe, dots, cell — you can use any of these options, the main thing is to bring in the necessary interior graphically.

Very appropriate as the so-called architectural drawings: the image of balustrades and other decorative items, or just houses. They are able to really decorate and beautify your interior but if you use more than one picture, be sure to expose the scale and the overall theme.

Very advantageous in combination with dark hardwood floor to use polished slate, ceramic tile, linoleum with a crocodile pattern, or simply looped carpet look colors such as orange and bronze. And if you imagine that black and red — are the two poles of the same color scheme, what colors can be placed between the two? My answer: I do not be afraid to experiment! It may be a few neutral beige linen shades and pale pink, and creme brulee, and the gray-green tones. By the way, a refreshing cold, but soft colors — perfect background to red-orange accessories.